Housekeepers Challenge Kerala will be presented this year along with HotelTech 2018, Kerala at Cochin and is endorsed and supported by Kerala Professional Housekeeper’s Association (KPHA), the only trade body for the Housekeeping sector in the state. This competition is being organised for the 1st time in Kerala and Housekeepers from all over the Hotels/Resorts in the State are being invited to take part in this prestigious event and vie for top honors. There will be five events that will each earn 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Certificate of Participation
Individual competitors who have completed their class for which they have registered will each receive a certificate of participation.


Medals & Certificate of Award
The respective medals will be awarded to a competitor, If they attain the following points


Gold – 100 Points
Silver – 75 Points
Bronze – 50 Points


Challenge Trophies
Trophies will be presented to the Participant who accumulates the highest points in the class.


Mop Race
Bed Making Skills Competition
Towel Folding & Towel Art Competition
Flower Arrangement
Upright Vacuum Race


Most Outstanding Housekeeper
To qualify for this award the participant must enter at least 3 classes. The highest aggregate score from the best 3 classes will be the winner.


Most Housekeeping Establishment
To receive this award the Establishment must enter minimum 3 classes. A Challenge trophy will be presented to the team which accumulates the highest total of points from the 3 highest scores from all the classes entered.


Judges will be established Housekeeping Professionals and Interior Designers within the state. The competition will be judged in an unbiased manner, to the best of each Judge’s knowledge and with consideration for prevailing Housekeeping practices. The Judges decision is final. No Correspondence will be entertained.


Please note that all participants should be present at the specified venue on the 25th September 2018 by 7.00 pm for the business gathering and awards function.